MainWP Codex is a great place to learn how to extend the MainWP plugin creating custom extensions or simple customizations.

Actions & Filters

See all available hooks in the MainWP plugin that will allow you to add data or change how MainWP works.

Code Reference

Browse MainWP codebase to learn what’s going on inside the MainWP plugin core files.


The MainWP API uses REST conventions and returns all data in JSON format. Requests may be made using the HTTPS protocol and must be authenticated using a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. The API supports 3 primary resources, each with a related set of endpoints: Response bodies from the MainWP API are in JSON format, with a Content-Type: of application/json and UTF-8 character encoding.

Distributing your Extension

You have a few different options for getting your Extension out to MainWP users. With any of these options just send us an email at support@mainwp.com and we’ll be sure to mention your Extension in our weekly email.

Free Extensions

If you plan on making your Extension free for anyone to use you can add it directly to WordPress.org. If you have never added a plugin to WordPress.org before there is a quick tutorial on WPBeginner

Paid Extensions

If you plan on selling your Extension you can:

Add it to your own site and promote (harder)
Add it to http://codecanyon.net (easier)