MainWP Codex is a great place to learn how to extend the MainWP plugin creating custom extensions or simple customizations.

Actions & Filters

See all available hooks in the MainWP plugin that will allow you to add data or change how MainWP works.

Code Reference

Browse MainWP codebase to learn what’s going on inside the MainWP plugin core files.


The MainWP API uses REST conventions and returns all data in JSON format. Requests may be made using the HTTPS protocol and must be authenticated using a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. The API supports 3 primary resources, each with a related set of endpoints: Response bodies from the MainWP API are in JSON format, with a Content-Type: of application/json and UTF-8 character encoding.

MainWP Development Slack Channel

Welcome to the MainWP “Development” Channel for Developers!
@SLACK CHANNEL: https://mainwp.slack.com/archives/C05RCGT8U1E

Greetings, MainWP developers! 
If you’re a coding enthusiast with a keen interest in optimizing the MainWP Suite for WordPress management, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. This channel is exclusively dedicated to providing developers like you with coding insights, strategies, and expert guidance tailored to enhance your MainWP Suite experience.
About This Channel
Our “Development” channel is a hub for sharing in-depth coding discussions, advanced techniques, and solutions for leveraging the MainWP Suite’s capabilities through custom MainWP Extension development. Here, you can:
Dive Deep: Explore intricate coding topics and solutions that elevate your MainWP proficiency.
Troubleshoot Together: Collaborate on coding challenges, optimizations, and customizations specific to MainWP.
Share Expertise: Exchange knowledge, code snippets, and best practices to help your fellow developers excel.
Innovate: Push the boundaries of MainWP by discovering creative coding approaches and integrations.


Who’s Welcome?
This channel is exclusively designed for developers, whether you’re a seasoned coder, a WordPress plugin expert, or someone deeply immersed in the world of MainWP development.


:exclamation: Channel Guidelines :exclamation:

  • Respect: Maintain a respectful and professional demeanor in your interactions with fellow developers.
  • Stay MainWP-Centric: Keep discussions centered around MainWP-specific coding topics; refrain from veering off-topic.
  • No Self-promotion: Avoid self-promotion, and instead, focus on sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • Lend a Hand: If you possess knowledge or insights, be generous in assisting others with their coding inquiries.
  • No Contracting: Avoid posting development “requests” publicly – that is out of scope of this channel.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated on the latest MainWP Suite developments and share pertinent information with the developer community.


Kickstart your journey to mastering the MainWP Suite from a developer’s perspective. Introduce yourself, share your MainWP development background, and let us know what you aim to achieve within this developer-focused community.

 Additional Help:
For additional help within this channel, you may @tag @Keith Crain whom will be available for any MainWP related development questions from the time of ( 8am – 10pm EST M-F ).  All questions will be answered A.S.A.P. within a 24 hour period.  Please familiarize yourself with the following MainWP Development Network as most simple questions are already answered there. Please note this is for development questions ONLY – development “requests” will be ignored as it is out of scope of this channel.

Happy coding and elevating your MainWP expertise!