Partner Program

We collaborate with popular WordPress plugins and tools to provide added functionality to the MainWP Dashboard.
Our Partner Program helps grow your audience and streamline your business to unleash new potential.

Let’s work together. Let’s win together.

Build a MainWP Extension to integrate with your plugin or tool, and we will help you market it

Our objective is to help WordPress creators manage multiple WordPress websites easily and fully control other websites from a single WordPress installation with an open-source, self-hosted, and fully-private dashboard.

If you also want to help people control your plugin installed on multiple websites from a single dashboard, you have come to the right place.

Please read about how it will help you grow.

Our users

Partnering with MainWP puts your company in front of thousands of WordPress entrepreneurs who control hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites.

MainWP is the perfect solution for:

In fact, anyone with multiple WordPress websites.

How does the partner program work?

You will need to create an Extension for MainWP, allowing that extension to control your plugin or tool installed on multiple WordPress websites.

Your Extension will be installed on the MainWP Dashboard.

What is an Extension?

An Extension is a WordPress plugin that works within the MainWP Dashboard. You can think of a MainWP Extension the same way you would think of a WooCommerce Extension as a plugin running inside WordPress.

Currently, MainWP has 40+ extensions, empowering the MainWP Dashboard and users.

How will it help you grow?

MainWP currently has over 20,000 WordPress creators controlling 600,000 WordPress websites, which means each Extension activation will, on average, translate into 30 sites with your plugin or tool added.

1 MainWP Dashboard + 1 Your Extension = 30 possible Active Plugin installs.


Let’s work together. Let’s win together.

Our users often reach out to us when they need help with plugins and tools recommendation. We would love to recommend you if that fits their needs.

Once we have established a partnership! Each Partnership will be divided into approximately two weeks for the initial launch, with future revisits for check-ins and Extension updates.

Here are a few activities to be done by both:

  • Adding each other on respective websites
  • Exclusive landing pages
  • Emails to respective users notifying them of the partnership
  • Exchange of articles
  • Social Posts
  • PR Releases
  • Mention in different newsletter

And anything beneficial for both.

Our Partners

Take a look at what our partners have to say
We are glad to have collaborated with the MainWP team to offer a Free SEOPress extension. Now, our respective users can manage the global SEO settings in a centralized way: Titles, Metas, Social Networks, Analytics, Local SEO, Schemas, and more! 1400+ downloads in less than two months. We can't wait to continue our partnership with MainWP to provide new features to the extension to satisfy our users as best as possible!
Benjamin Denis
We’ve really enjoyed working with the friendly and supportive team at MainWP. It’s accelerated our mission to make the web faster for everyone by helping an extremely friendly group of agency owners and power users. We built the WP Compress extension for MainWP which has reached 2450+ downloads so far. We look to continue to expand this partnership next year and beyond with their incredible team!
James Cantoni
Cofounder, WP Compress
We developed the WPvivid Backup Extension for MainWP to benefit the users of both plugins, thanks to the excellent flexibility and extensibility of MainWP. We were also impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of the MainWP team during the cooperation, and we are proud to say that it has got over 104,000 downloads so far.
WPvivid Backup
Tony Robins
Developer, WPvivid
Working with MainWP has been a pleasure throughout. It has helped us reach and service new customers to grow our business with over 44,000 downloads for our Activity Log For MainWP plugin. They have been easy to work with, and I look forward to the continued growth of our partnership.
Robert Abela - WP Activity Log
Robert Abela
Founder, Melapress

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